Concurent Open Space: at UUA GA

Boy in the Bands puts out the question will Open Space work at the GA. While linking to my post about Traditional + Open Space It took me a while to actually find a link to “the GA” and the information about Open Space (reminder to new bloggers it is good to link to the things you are talking about).

I went to the Unitarian Universalists General Assembly page to check out how they are including Open Space. They have this two pager about Open Space (pdf). At first glance it would seem to be a good explanation and could work if that was the major activity for afternoon. Then I went to see what the agenda like and I really wonder how it will work.

They are introducing Open Space to the GA during a plenary on Thursday. However they have a fully pre-programed 10+ breakout schedule competing with each proposed open space sessions. So if I had never heard of Open Space before – what would I do? Likely go through the program mailed to you in the weeks ahead of time and decide which of the 10 breakouts I want to go to then will I really check the open space agenda to see if one of the session is interesting enough for me to attend instead of the breakout I already chose based on the paragraph long description.

What seems like happened was some people proposed Open Space and those organizing it said sure – ok we can have that happen on the side but we have to do our regularly programmed content because we understand that and so does everyone else. I don’t get the “domain” part of what they are proposing either.
There is a blog up for covering the Open Space sessions at the GA we shall see how it works.

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