Games and the Unconference

One of the traditions of FooCamp is playing Werewolf. I really did not enjoy playing the one time I tried there but for the folks who do it. They love it.

Another Game we played there was the Reverse Scavenger hunt. This is where your team has 5-10 min to collect 10 objects. Then the list of ‘objects’ is given to the teams. They must creatively ‘hack’ their objects to match the descriptions on the list. The three judges give out points to the best team for each item. At FooCamp the judges derived their list from the board of sessions.

This post was inspired by reading about the Citizen Summit at Citizen Agency. They played Half-Baked:

which is a really fun game where 4-5 person teams grab two random words, mash them together into a dot-com and then in about 5 minutes come up with a product, revenue model, marketing strategy, logo and tagline. Each team does a pitch to the ‘investors’ and a winner is chosen.

I am wondering if we could play this game with a specifically identity focus at the Internet Identity Workshop? We could use the IdentoLatin BuzzPhraser put together by Doc. That would certainly be fun.

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