Kaliya has designed and facilitated over 100 unconferences in the past five years. Inc Magazine’s December ’09 issue covered the Mass Technology Leadership Council Innovation Unconference that Kaliya facilitated. Kaliya got her start facilitating in 2005 co-founding the Internet Identity Workshop with Doc Searls and Phil Windley. This community meets every 6 months (the 11th one is in October 2010) it is the main gathering for a thriving technical developing open standards for peoples identity on the emerging social web. She is an expert and leader in the field she blogs, & tweets under her community handle – Identity Woman“. Kaliya has co-founded several unconferences including She’s Geeky: Connecting Women in Tech, The ReadWrite Real-Time Web Summit, The Big Data Workshop, Digital Death Day covering what happens to your data after you die and Open Government Directive Workshop Series. She works with a range of organizational & community clients who hire her for their events (see below). Kaliya is constantly seeking new knowledge to improve her event designs. Since 2005 she has attended about 40 regular and unconferences a year in a range of professional fields including technology, security, social media, nonprofit technology, green business, spirituality and facilitation.  Her book shelf includes resources on group processes and methods.  She has had formal training in a variety of facilitation methods including Open Space Technology, Graphic Facilitation, Polarity Management, and Dynamic Facilitation. Her mentors include long time facilitators Lisa Heft, Bill Aal, Margo Adair, Sat Santokh Khalsa, Tree Bresen, Nancy White, Heidi Nobantu Saul, and John Kelly.  She is active in several facilitator communities of practice including the Bay Area Fabulous Facilitators and National Coalition on Dialogue and Deliberation. She is active in the community developing a Pattern Language for Group processes. She has been writing the unconference.net blog since 2006 after attending BloggerCon. The purpose is to share good information about unconference, methods, design choices, production as well as review events. Ironically enough she has spoken about unconferences at the ACM Computer Human Interaction Bay Area chapter in 2006, Open Source Convention 2006, Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco 2007 and Bay Area Women Innovators Ignite 2009. Contact us at contact@unconference.net