Open Source Camp announced! parallel to OSCON

I will be going to OSCON this year and presenting about group process on Monday. I am very excited the community is doing a parallel open event. May of the guys who did Recent Changes Camp in February are involved with this one. I was there and they did a great job.

OSCAMP 2006: Free as in Freedom! — Portland July 24-28, 2006 at OSCONPlease join us for OSCAMP 2006, a free (as in freedom) un-conference of, for, and by folks who are part of the Free/Libre/Open movement. You are reading this invitation because someone wants to see you at the bazaar!

A grassroots cooperative effort with O’Reilly, OSCAMP seeks to organize the fringe of activity that has grown up around OSCON during the last several years so that the entire shindig can rock even more! We are coming together to network, write code, have fun and learn about the cool things that are afoot in the movement. Bring your friends and join a good party that’s growing even better!

When: July 24-28, 2006
Where: PortlandOregon at the Oregon Convention Center (part of OSCON 2006)

Format: OpenSpace

Cost: Free … but you can call it “Open” if that’s your thang

Sources of Inspiration:

  • Mad props to those who came before us: the free/libre open source software movement, which popularized sharing and attribution
  • OpenSpaceTechnology, a way to get the most out of a gathering of people
  • FooCamp, the first Camp, an informal but intensive camp-out at O’Reilly
  • BarCamp, the mother of the rest of *Camps, invite everyone to share, and leave a trail for others to follow

How it Works
OSCAMP is an “open” space for meeting, for learning, for connecting, for writing code … with no imposed limits or agendas – only the charge to come and learn and contribute as much as you can. The agenda is created and modified “on the fly” by the participants. You can add to the agenda any issue of importance to you. It will be discussed and addressed to the greatest extent possible. All of the key points and next steps will be captured online so that the entire Freedom/Libre/Open community can benefit from our work.

To register, follow the instructions on the Registration page. We don’t know exactly what is going to happen, but we do know that it’s going rock! Come to OSCAMP in Portland … you’ll never be the same!

Warm regards from the CoConveners,

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