Open Space Learning Opportunity

My friend Lisa Heft is putting on an Open Space Learning Workshop in December 9-11, 2009 in San Francisco, California USA

This is how she describes the workshop:

Open Space is a dialogic method where one facilitator can convene from ten to 2000+ participants for dynamic, participant-driven dialogue. OS can be used for bringing together an entire company to highlight emergent issues and opportunities before strategic planning, generating ideas for product or program design, sharing resources and best practices, understanding each other across cultures, sharing knowledge across disciplines, conflict transformation, exchanging thought and experience about complex situations and engaging groups from small to large in seeing a full-systems perspective for their opportunities or issues. The facilitator’s role in OS is very different than for other dialogic methods – participants facilitate their own discussions, documentation and noting of linkages and common threads.

Join me for 2.5 days of mutual exploration as we share learning in and about Open Space. Together you will discuss and create a theme for an Open Space meeting, explore the issues and opportunities in your own work, reflect on how behavior change theory can inform our roles as facilitators, experience an Open Space, and really delve into all those elements of pre-work that are essential to the success of an Open Space event.

Everything from developing a theme to exploring invitation and outreach, design, planning, materials, variations, adaptations for cultural differences (for example in a non-readers environment or in a situation with rich power dynamics), how the site, food and other elements impact or enhance an event, how to include action planning as needed, ‘what-ifs’, ‘when not to’s’, documentation and more.

Pricing – as always – is flexible – custom tailored to what you as an individual can contribute and afford.

For more information on content, schedule and pricing overview and to register,
Contact me directly at

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