Open Space on Open Space (and other methods)

This weekend I am at an Open Space on Open Space. I was part of the convening/hosting team along with Heidi Nobantu Saul, Lisa Heft and Jeff Atkin.

The goal of the event is talk about Open Space with other experienced Open Space facilitators. Open Space is the primary method that I use in my unconference practice. I am most interested in talking about other methods in conjunction with open space and how they are applied.

  • In the session so far I have gained clarity on the spectrum of Open Space use.
  • Within a sub-section of the organization – a department
  • For an Organization
  • For an Organization and a few companies
  • For a network of companies/organizations/people engaging with a complex topic/problem
  • For an organization having a “conference”
  • For public engagement by government with experts
  • For public engagement around a set of problems

The two that are highlighted is where my work doing unconferences is mostly.

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