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Paul raises a few interesting questions in his post Eats shrip and Leaves.

Johannes to imply a certain level of skepticism about the motives of Liberty (perhaps IIW as well) for taking this step (or perhaps questioning whether it is indeed unlike Liberty in the first place).

I thought I would put forward my motivations.

My intention is to support the continued opening of the dialog around critical social and technical issues that these emerging technologies bring. I am excited to invite more ‘normal tech folks’ who might apply the stuff we are all working on coming into the dialogue. I grew up in the Northwest – and have lots of friends in working in nonprofit technology and the Web 2.0 scene.

This event is being put on by Liberty and a group of people who are leading participants in the Internet Identity Workshop. It is an open space event. This is not an ‘allignment’ with with Liberty just support for a space that is open to expand the dialogue. I hope we can cooperate with others hosting different events to also put on other similar open space – near their conferences. We are confirmed to support an open space prior to Digital Identity World in September.

I highly doubt that the outcome of the Identity Open Space event will be a converged identity metasystem (even were all the players to attend).

We don’t expect the outcome of this to be a ‘converged identity metasystem’ that would be nieve to assume. I do hope these two days in July can continue to move the dialogue forward. As someone said about their session. We got more feedback on our hour long session then we would have with 5 months on a mailing list and could get to the next version of the spec that much faster.

Feeling over ‘evented?’ If you are not in the northwest please don’t feel obligated to come (even if you are in the northwest don’t – but it would be really nice to see you and how convenient is it to drive to a conference). I hope it can be a useful space for those who want to take advantage of an opportunity close to home.

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