The dual conference model

I was surfing through my link logs and found one from Alec Saunders.log He picked up on my coverage of the IMSafer IM ‘scanner’ for parents to monitor any questionable conversations their kids are having. At the top was an add for this conference Voice2.0 “Beyond Telecom” in Ottawa in a couple weeks. I clicked through…of course all the speakers are men but that is isn’t the interesting part.

The format they are trying has one track that is Panels and Presentations and two tracks that are labeled “participant defined.” It seems like the Workshop ‘participant defined’ track is all scoped out though. The Other participant says it is Demo Camp open to all.

I really wonder about having ‘regular conference’ panels etc. compete with participant defined. The wisdom that i have heard on this topic is that it generally doesn’t work to well because people default to what they “know” – the scheduled track. I will be interested to hear how this blended format works for the organizers and participants.

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