Traditional + Open Space – ways to make it work

Chris Corrigan, and Open Space Facilitator wrote me a comment to my last posts The dual Conference Model.

Dual Track at Voice 2.0 Lesons learned with these thoughts.

I just did a conference last week in denver which was a near perfect blend of a traditional conference and an OST meeting. It was called Placematters06 and the results are at, where we recorded the Open Space proceedings on a wiki.

It’s the way to go, and just the latest in several of these formats I have done.

Lessons about it:

  • Never schedule open space AS a track in an otherwise fixed program (as we have seen)
  • Put all the keynotes and panel days on BEFORE the Open Space portion
  • Use the open space days to answer questions, copntinue converations and deepend learnings and connections
  • Harvest, harvest, harvest…capture everything you can, visuals, text, audio recordings.
  • Don’t get hung up on how many people show up for the Open Space days or how many leave before the end. When the law of Two Feet is in effect, people take care of themselves.
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