we want the audience to talk more…?

I am here at day 2 of VloggerCon. (I wrote about day 1 over on identity woman). They opened the day sharing from the stage they ‘really wanted the audience to talk more and to participate‘. I hearing this spontaneously yelled out – “change the format“. This comment was just ignored (what are you going to do with a comment like that – spontaneously change to open space? – I guess not). I hope that next Vloggercon will be in a bigger venue like the Computer History Museum and using Open Space methodology.

They went on to encourage us all to network with one another find the resources we need. It highlights again how much ambient people findability could be improved for conferences. Today is the ‘advanced day’ but yesterday had – “advanced Finalcut pro and iMovie” and today has Node101 for basic skills.

Ambient People Findability…from my post on Meet space technology improvement for etech and other ‘traditional’ conferences

Help me find the people in this stack of 1,300+ folks that I want to meet and talk to. Who has identity problems that I can help people find the resources in our community? Who is working on socially good tech stuff that would love to know about Planetwork? Can applications like attendr and Hallway help? Can we get investment in these open source tools – if you want you can use the something like $10,000 + $10 a head intronetworks (that I get to use it for PCForum.) That is not accessible.

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