Cube CircleDo you want to create an event that:

  • Builds community?
  • Unleashes initiatives?
  • Helps solve problems?

Do you want people to be energized and engaged when they participate? Imagine a conference where the way people interact has more structure than a cocktail party and more excitement than a full day of panels. Attendees learn, share, and exchange ideas dynamically. Complex problems can be explored, relationships built, and new collaborations emerge.

This is an UnConference.

Attendees actively create the agenda with the assistance of a skilled facilitator where all the sessions become relevant and engaging.

“Kaliya is a master facilitator. While Kaliya uses Open Space as a base, she is also not afraid to use new formats and techniques.”

See how simple it is to work with us.


Unconferences blend appropriate process methods that bring people together to learn, share, and take participatory action, minimizing the passivity of low engagement. Highly interactive, Unconferences can achieve good results in an hour, a half day within a regular conference, or with fully interactive one to three day events. The peer-to-peer learning environment of an Unconference is good for multi-disciplinary exchange. This works particularly well for professionals at the leading edge of their fields who learn the most from other professionals.

“We had no previous experience hosting an unconference and Kaliya provided invaluable guidance that made our Ruby on Rails Camp a huge success!”


Within the self-organizing structure of an UnConference, anyone looking to solve a problem will have the opportunity to tackle it with others who are interested in finding solutions. The flexible nature of the UnConference method allows for groups to work together until they have come up with a solution.

Unconferences methodology works in a wide variety of circumstances with audiences ranging from well established, formal organizations, to cutting edge technologies. Unconferences address the latest developments in an industry, whether they happen a week or even a day before the event, particularly valuable in rapidly evolving fields. All attendees are assured that the questions they want to explore will be covered, provided they bring their passions and commitments to the table. Immediate documentation of sessions enables forward motion when energy is still high. Vendors can present within an Unconference format, and be assured that attendees are coming to listen to their particular presentation, allowing a better fit. Unconference attendees are often amazed that concrete solutions arise to difficult problems, and at the same time community and commitments are forged.

“ staff helped us clarify and prioritize our strategic needs and key outcomes. Their facilitation held us to our own goals throughout the event – making sure that the value she promised us for the event would be the value we received.”

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