Where the Next Steve Jobs will be – at an unconference?

I had a great chat Thursday with Chris Taylor, “Futureboy” a senior editor at Business 2.0 Magazine. He has written a good post on the Business 2.0 Blog about unconferences and contrasts them with very high cost events like TED. First off error correction:

As Supernova takes place later this month, a free unconference, organized by Hamlin, will be going on right next door.

The Unconference – Supernova Open Space is being hosted by Supernova as a community space that it is sponsoring and helping create. It costs $25. It is also not at the same time as Supernova but the day before June 19th. So. If you want to come to that it will be great and so will Supernova itself where I will be speaking on Friday on User-Centric Digtial Identity with my Identity Woman Persona.

Back to the great article 🙂 He points out the obvious – you are not going to meet the next “Steve Jobs” at least when he is in the ‘homebrew computer club’ stage of life at an event that costs $8,000 or $2,000. I am excited that he has highlighted an element that I emphasised but has not yet be put forward in the press articles about the “movement” that the INVITATION is a critical element.

“Unconferences are peer-to-peer learning,” says Hamlin. “Invitation is the most important element: Why do you want people to come together, and what do you want to talk about? People who share a passion create the day.”

It is interesting to see how finally Open Space Technology was mentioned but in “quotes” and draws a parrallel between open space and open source (there is more to say on this but I will save it for another post).

Just as programmers are using what they call “open source” to collaboratively build free software like Linux, unconference organizers are using what they call “open space” principles to build low-cost, design-it-yourself confabs.

Supernova will be great – this is the panel that I am on as Identity Woman.

Do You Know Where Your Identity Is?
(John Clippinger, Kaliya Hamlin, Reid Hoffman, Marcien Jenckes, Jyri Engestrom)
As our lives increasingly straddle the physical and the virtual worlds, the management of identity becomes increasingly crucial from both a business and a social standpoint. The future of e-commerce and digital life will require identity mechanisms that are scalable, secure, widely-adopted, user-empowering, and at least as richly textured as their offline equivalents. This session will examine how online identity can foster relationships and deeper value creation.

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