We design online and in person conferences where people network, collaborate, innovate & have fun!

In the new environment that meetings and events have to operate, we provide expertise and guidance in design and implementation for highly interactive and effective experiences.
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 Why Unconference?

Innovators, leaders, and experts choose Unconference.net when they want an environment that’s more than business as usual. This is especially true in the current, mainly on-line environment.



We all know that the best thing about professional events are open times where you can meet people, share conversation and make connections.

At an Unconference, networking is embedded within the design itself. It is especially important to provide this experience. In the online environment to overcome isolation and to provide serendipitous discovery.


Deepen your online and in person relationships with a highly interactive, event and accelerate collaboration by leaps and bounds.

Whether in-person, online or hybrid, Unconferences provide opportunities for trust building, cooperative (Arguments) that can result in rapid formation of collaborations that are effective and long lasting.



Build trust quickly in the Unconference environment and get on with the business of innovation within inter-disciplinary teams or among experts and leaders in emerging fields of study.

Have Fun

An Unconference is work & play! Be amazed at how much serious work you’ll accomplish with colleagues while also sharing stories, being vulnerable, and connecting on a deeper level.

As we learn more about online events, it is clear that the best ones attend to heart, as well as the mind. We can support you in content.