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Don’t Speak. Point.

Ethan Zuckerman from the global voices Network is talking here at Net2. He shared a story about one of their bloggers in China who was arrested…instead of ‘advocating for him’ or speaking for him they ‘pointed’ at what his sister … Continue reading

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How to DIY Unconference

The Business 2.0 article in the June issue about unconferences has three steps listed (it is not on their website yet but GutsyPinay blogged it)… it skips over very important elements needed to make a sucessful events. How to host … Continue reading

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What is Open Space?

This is how I explained open space recently to support a partner explaining to their board what it was: Open Space Technology is an energizing and emergent way to organize an agenda for a conference. Those coming to the event … Continue reading

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Camp Creep?

From regarding the Online Community ‘Camp’ raines wrote: One difference from the traditional ‘unconference’ format is the $200 price tag. The conference website is kinda light on ideas, and doesn’t yet link to a wiki so I can see … Continue reading

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Open Space does not mean Voting

I am at the Online Community ‘Camp’ today. It was ‘inspired’ by Mashup Camp (where i facilitated) and the ’emerging “open space” conference format’. Open Space is hardly “emerging” having been invented 20y ago and evolving since then. The organizers … Continue reading

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Summary of my BayCHI talk

There is a great post up by YABOU that summarizes my survey of unconference methods.

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David Pollard on how to unconference

David Pollard’s thoughts on unconferences…in this post he also puts forward 7 guidelines about what makes an unconference. So I’m intrigued by the idea of Unconferencing. There is a reason why people like conferences with a lot of unscheduled time … Continue reading

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Feedback from my BayCHI Talk

My talk at BayCHI on Tuesday went really well. reinventnow: daily reinvention of who we are wrote about their experience. He talks about a pattern that did not make it out to the whole group. The fact that meeting people … Continue reading

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My Face 2 Face Tutorial at OSCON

I have been to OSCON for two years. Since my first event, I have become more and more involved in different technical communities. Nonprofit Tech, Identity Gang, CivicSpace Drupal Developers/Businesses, and I have been to a lot of meetings as … Continue reading

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Wall 2.0 a comment on IIW

I am having a terrible time with getting comments to actually be approved on any of my wordpress blogs. This one showed up sharing Pete’s experience at IIW. […] The format of the workshop consisted of an introductory afternoon, and … Continue reading

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