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Our Team

Kaliya HamlinKaliya Hamlin, Principal

In 2005 Kaliya co-founded the Internet Identity Workshop. Since 2006, she has designed and facilitated over 200 unconferences for a range of professional communities in both North America and Europe. She is an expert and leader in the fields of user-centric digital identity and personal data. She blogs, and tweets under her community handle – “Identity Woman“. Kaliya@unconference.net

Bill AalBill Aal, Principal

Bill has extensive experience as a developer and IT manager. He is the principal of Tools for Change, which has provided training and facilitation to support inclusion in business and non-profit sectors for 20 years. He has designed and produced creative solution finding events for government structures and communities throughout the US. Bill@unconference.net

Lucy PerryLucy Perry, Associate

Lucy Perry worked for many years supporting clients in the creative use of technology and knowledge management. Lucy has trained in a variety of approaches, and she regularly facilitates groups in Europe and Asia, including clients from the business world as well as the humanitarian and international development sectors.


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