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Facilitating Consensus process

The Occupy movement is talking a lot about consensus process. There are some commonly held misconceptions about what consensus is and isn’t, how and when to put it to best use. A fellow facilitator, Tree Bressen, who commonly leads consensus … Continue reading

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Digital Death Day

We are facilitating Digital Death Day at the Tropenmuseum on 11/11/11 in Amsterdam! Please join us!   Our increasing digitality means that we will increasingly be forced to come face to screen with the various dimensions and complexities of Digital Death. Held in … Continue reading

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Facilitation at MassTLC

Kaliya and I have been working with the Mass Technology Leadership Council. For the past few years they have been doing an unConference on Innovation in the Boston area.   MassTLC uses a combination of Open Space Technology and hybrid … Continue reading

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Want to see us in action?

We have two unConferences coming up in the next couple of weeks and we invite you to come to one of them.   The first is the Internet Identity Workshop: October 18-20, 2011 in Mountain View, CA.   The second … Continue reading

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