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Community Mapping – Connecting Projects sharing Future Visions

At Personal Cloud Community Gathering  in August I designed a community mapping exercise to support different projects learning about what each other was 1) working 2) needed as a complement and 3) held as a long term vision. Number of … Continue reading

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Community Mapping – Organizational Affiliation and Involvement

Number of People: 30-500 Time:  Depends on Size of Group Small groups 30-40 min Medium Groups 1 hour Large Groups 1.5 hours Formats: Small group conversation self managed with Instructions in parallel over 1 hour and groups posting on to map … Continue reading

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Facilitating Consensus process

The Occupy movement is talking a lot about consensus process. There are some commonly held misconceptions about what consensus is and isn’t, how and when to put it to best use. A fellow facilitator, Tree Bressen, who commonly leads consensus … Continue reading

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Facilitation at MassTLC

Kaliya and I have been working with the Mass Technology Leadership Council. For the past few years they have been doing an unConference on Innovation in the Boston area.   MassTLC uses a combination of Open Space Technology and hybrid … Continue reading

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Unconference Ignite Talk

I gave this talk at the Bay Area Ignite in January 2010. It gives a great over view of what an unconference in the style I do is. All the other presenters at this Ignite evening were women and I … Continue reading

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Open Space Learning Opportunity

My friend Lisa Heft is putting on an Open Space Learning Workshop in December 9-11, 2009 in San Francisco, California USA This is how she describes the workshop: Open Space is a dialogic method where one facilitator can convene from … Continue reading

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Facilitating unconference agenda creation Step-by-Step

There are many steps to creating a great unconference or camp. Many happen before getting to this step, but once you have 50-300 people in a room, what do you do to support people creating a whole day or multi-day … Continue reading

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Facilitating Games for Innovation

This Friday I am going to be co-facilitating a day of learning and exchange about Innovation, Design and Serious Games Exchange this Friday in San Francisco. I would like to invite you all to participate. It will be an open … Continue reading

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Beyond Traditional Talking Heads

A friend of mine in the facilitation world, Tree Bressen — along with Debby Sugerman and the Sunrise Facilitation collective — has written a paper about the Possibilities for Transformational Conferences. Let’s assume that you are going to succeed at … Continue reading

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Introduction to Open Space at ITU-T

I presented this several years ago to the International Telecommunications Union. I was invited to attend a meeting of Study Group 17 that was looking at different forms of identity, network, enterprise and user-centric. I was able to persuade the … Continue reading

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