Interview on Unconferences up on Assignment Zero

I was interviewed for the new Wired effort to crowd source articles called Assignment Zero. Appropriately enough the first article is about Crowd Sourcing.

In my Interview “Your Online Identity Defines Your Role in the Crowd: Identity Woman builds networks of trust, face-to-face and through Internet Identity” was just posted last week.

I highlighted the differences between *camp ad-hoc way and Open Space Technology and talked about how effective it has been for the Identity commons community. It was a fun interview and I thought it would just be about unconferences however as we got to talking it was clear that user-centric identity played a role in making crowdsourcing really work. I am not a big believer in the power of ‘random groups of people’ solving complex problems. I think persistence of identity over time and context that allows the development of a transaction history or record could really be interesting because it is an architecture that can support the emergence of trust.

It was a pleasure to feel integrated talking about both main themes of my work.

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