Online Community Unconference: Its Back! & We’re Producing It

I am really excited to be working with a super awesome crew of leaders of the Online Community Manager Tribe – or OCTribe. We have been considering reviving the event and the pieces have finally come together to do it.

May 21st at the Computer History Museum

Registration is Open! is stepping up to produce and facilitate the event because we are keen to support the learning community for community managers. Creating face to face events for online communities is one of our specialities. Many online communities are self moderating and the generatively and aliveness of how they work is matched by our unconference methods when they are face to face.

For this event we are using Open Space Technology.

The leaders/co-organizers are all rockstar community managers:

The conference was originally produced by Forum One and I contracted with them to help design and facilitate. That event itself grew out of an invitational summit they hosted annually on online communities. I actually attended one of these in 2004 as a replacement for Owen Davis who I worked for at the time at Identity Commons (1).

I plan to bring my Identity Woman hat with me to the event and forward topics of digital identity and personal data forward at the event and hopefully get some of the amazing expertise on identity and reputation to participate in NSTIC.

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