Un-museum for the Imaginify Metamedia III

I have been remiss in blogging about an amazing event that I had the honor of facilitating a small part of the Imaginify Metamedia event in Eugene at the beginning of March. I have been to all three annual Metamedia cooperation events so far and this one was again mind expanding. Jair did it again with a whirl of visionary art, transformational Music and stimulating interdisciplinary academic/research and community offerings.

The museum opened it self up to visionary art on the ceiling and walls and amazing music. There are some great quotes about the event

This is what a living art museum is all about: bringing a diversity of people together in creative ways through art, and planting seeds of connection and hope for the future…” -Eugene Weekly

The ideas broached there were fascinating, it was like being part of a giant think tank that was planning the future…” – Diana, Myspace Blogs

It was truly a great experience and your concept of bringing a diverse group of people together to discuss a range of issues on a broader, interdisciplinary scale certainly worked very well. – Kurt Fendt

I was very pleased to reconnect with Stuart Cowen who is now at Autopoesis LLC doing Sustainable System Design, One Planet Development and Living Economies.


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