Unconference Methods: A Strong Wind Blows

A Strong Wind Blows is a fun group introduction method that I learned from attending Penguin Day lead by Allen Gunn director of Aspiration.
It is play with a group of between 20 and 100.
The whole point is to support people being able to get to know one another and a sense of who in the room.
You start with a circle with the number of chairs for people minus one. You can be that person in the middle. This is like musical chairs sort of. The person in the middle says – ‘a strong wind blows for Canadians’ so all the people who are Canadian must get up … and run/walk to a new chair. The person in the middle then is the person who says something true about themselves that is likely a quality, interest or skill that others in the group have ‘a strong wind blows for ruby programmers’ or ‘a strong wind blows for make magazine subscribers’ or anything else. This can go on for 10 min and is really fun. It helps identify common qualities and experiences in the room.

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