Unconference Methods: Community Mapping

I recently did this exercise with the Identity Community to reflect on where we have come from. Someone called it a 1980’s wiki. Using large paper and a wall a map of the community can be made. It could document critical milestones or events in the development of the community or map how people projects are related to one another.
his map is about 6 feet high and 12 feed wide. It starts in one corner with a time line sweeping down and through to the other corner. It has events in pink, media as purple 1/2 circles, white papers as purple squares with corners over turned, Blogs in the community are pink, standards are yellow diamonds and mailing lists are green.
It is really up to you to decide what you use it for. This is an example from the first Penguin Day. It maps Software Developers, Nonprofits and Intermediaries.

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