What is Open Space about? EFFECTIVENESS

What is Open Space all about? It is not about hippies in California using some “idilic process”. It was a methodology designed by Harrison Owen to have really effective meetings. Effective as in solving problems, building consensus and getting things done.

It was created over 20 years ago and has diffused far and wide to server a variety of communities. The events are full of energy, life, enthusiasm and give people an environment to grow understanding, shared meeting and evolve collaboration.

In today’s complex world made up of complex systems it is a process that can really help surface wisdom and intelligence to deal with complexity. If a group seeks to build shared understanding amongst diverse stake holders it is a great way to do this.

Today at dinner I heard expressed the desire that the different institutions and communities that are working on IdM communicate with each other more and collaborating more.

I hope that by coming to participate in the Internet Identity Workshop that those expressing this desire can see the power of this format to support their goals.

Here are what some people have to say about open space:

I liked what happened during the course of an Open Space Technology meeting that brought about real problem solving, real creativity, really tapping into the wisdom and potential of the individuals that attended as well as the collective, and fostered high communication, networking, and productivity. – Birgit Williams

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